County Roads Theatre Company is a small group of mostly Prince Edward County Residents with a passion for telling important stories through small, independent, professional theatre productions.

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In 2017 we presented The Belle of Amherst, a one-woman show by William Luce about the life of poet Emily Dickinson. The show, featuring Joan McBride as Emily and directed by Fred Robinson, ran for two weeks at the lovely Mount Tabor Playhouse.

Audiences loved the play, which prompted us to offer On A First Name Basis by Norm Foster in 2019. Joan McBride played the role of Lucy Hopperstaad, housekeeper to the very successful, but cantankerous, novelist David Kilbride, played by John Koensgen. This play was directed by Fred Robinson and entertained mostly full houses for the two week run.

In 2022 we presented Collected Stories by Donald Margulies. Directed by Fred Robinson, Joan McBride played the role of Ruth Steiner, a feisty professor and published author, and Melissa Paulson played the role of Lisa Morrison, a graduate student and aspiring author. Audiences loved this complex and clever play, and raved about the performances of the actors.

What will County Roads Theatre Company do next? We are working on a new story, and when we have one we want to share with audiences on the stage, we will let you know. When will that be? Only time will tell ...