First Name Basis

2019-09-24 Act 1-57
2019-09-24 Act 2-30

On A First Name Basis opened on September 26th 2019 to a full and appreciate house. John Koensgen as David Kilbride and Joan McBride as Lucy Hopperstaad had them laughing and crying from start to finish.

Audience members were full of compliments:

Dianne Hopper: It was very entertaining and the acting was incredible!!

Joan Huether: Excellent ..the acting so convincing ..thoroughly enjoyed it.

John McCarthy: Congratulations to you both and the production team

Veronica Cluett: A wonderful show! Funny sad, the acting is incredible! Don’t miss it!

David John Bailey: What a great show - the two actors are very convincing and the play is a believable combination of poignant moments and deep belly laughs.

Coach Phil: Excellent show. Don’t miss it.