Author: charlesmorris78

County Weekly calls Collected Stories “Gripping Drama”

2022-09-23 A1S3-0

The County Weekly News and Belleville Intelligencer say "Two polished and professional actresses fill the stage" in Collected Stories. "There is wit and humour, jealousy and warmth. This is a forceful combination of acting talent, lovingly and beautifully presented." "This drama explores unbridled creative art, love and friendship and confidences. It is a play for true theatre fans."

Audiences love Collected Stories

"Joan and Melissa gave fabulous performances! There was such depth in those roles, and so demanding!  They took all of us in the audience on a very poignant journey." "Thank you for a remarkable performance." "With a thousand small gestures you brought Ruth’s character to life brilliantly." "All in all a first class production." 

The word is out: Collected Stories is the play you must not miss.

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2022-09-23 A1S2